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UK best quality replica Tag Heuer adds new swimming and running features

Tag Heuer replica has released another big update to its Connected smartwatch, boosting swimming and running skills.

The Swiss watch company has been a huge proponent of smartwatches, and it’s been committed to keeping its Wear OS device updated with features.

The all-new swimming app will keep track of pool performance with tracking of laps, distance and interval breakdowns.

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And it also goes further, with the ability to identify four types of swim stroke (breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle) and track SWOLF, which is a measure of swimming efficiency, and set up and track swimming intervals, too. You’ll find that data on Garmin swimming and sports watches, so this puts the Swiss movement fake Tag Heuer Connected into pretty exalted company.

The OLED screen will also show live progress while in the water, and you can start/stop the session using the pusher on the side, so you still get an element of control.
And that’s not the only feature being added to the Tag.

Indoor running is being added to the existing tracking of outdoor workouts. Of course, GPS won’t work inside on the treadmill, so the high quality copy Tag Heuer will record the heart rate profile of the session.

After the session is done, you can add the distance recorded by the treadmill to the watch, and it will then crunch the numbers and display the pace for the session in the analytics. It’s a simple, but very effective approach to indoor run tracking.
The new update comes off the back of a major overhaul of the Connected back in March 2021. That’s when Tag Heuer added a new Wellness app – and golf tracking to all of its Connected smartwatches.

It was part of a larger theme of manufacturers of Wear OS devices adding their own tracking and features to devices to fill in the gaps of Google’s stagnating operating system.
But now Google has announced its unifying Wear OS with Samsung’s Tizen – which will be the biggest update to Wear OS since its launch.

We still don’t know if smartwatches such as the blue rubber strap fake Tag Heuer Connected will receive the new unified OS.

The new features are rolling out to Tag Heuer smartwatches super clone as an over-the-air update now.

Replication TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watches UK For Cheap Sale

Red is symbol of passion, energy and victory. So it is commonly used in racing sports. During 160 years history, red is always the classic element from the brand’s logo, dial design and even brand’s partner. Today’s model is exactly a passionate imitation watch with red rubber strap.

The red elements make the timepiece more dynamic.

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TAG Heuer uses the red to endow the Connected smart watches in new meaning. All the red elements make the black dial copy TAG Heuer more dynamic. The timepiece inherits the pure watchmaking tradition, combining the exquisiteness and elegance of chronograph models in special way. While the brilliant red brings more passion for all the wearers.

The timepiece is very practical and eye-catching.

45 MM TAG Heuer Connected Replica Watches

The design of the perfect TAG Heuer Connected fake watch is based on high-intensity activities. With advanced sensors, including the new non-medical grade heart rate monitor made by high-tech resin built into the case back. It records golf, running, cycling and activities such as walking and fitness. This is a practical watch for modern men.

New UK Replica TAG Heuer Connected Watches Provide Luxurious high-tech intelligent Experience

Recently the pioneering three-generation smart watches are launches, which not only fasten the leading role in luxurious smart watches industry that TAG Heuer maintains, but also advocate brand new lifestyle through personalized digital experience.

THe new TAG Heuer watches are cheap and eye-catching.

Steel Cases Replica TAG Heuer Connected

The new perfect TAG Heuer Connected fake watches adopt the 45 mm cases, and stainless steel and titanium editions could be selected. The dial is made by the ultra-clear functional touchable OLED and anti-scratching sapphire provides best protection.

The smart TAG Heuer will make the wearers more fashionable.

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In addition to the customized dials, the straps of the cheap TAG Heuer copy watches are also attractive. Many straps with amazing colors and color-matching perfectly enhance the charm of the watches.With advanced sensors, including a new non-medical grade heart rate monitor made of high-tech resin built into the watch’s back, it records activity with high accuracy while also optimizing calorie burn tracking.